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I am thrilled to offer personalized commission pieces tailored to your unique vision!

Creating a commission is a deeply personal and collaborative process for me, and I want to ensure that each commission aligns with my artistic style. This allows me to pour my passion and creativity into every piece, ensuring a result that both you and I can be proud of.


How to Commission a Piece:

  • Explore My Portfolio: Start by perusing my portfolio to get a sense of my artistic style, themes, and techniques. This will help you determine if my work resonates with your vision.

  • Contact Me: If you find that my art speaks to you, reach out through the contact form provided on my website. Feel free to include details about the commission you have in mind, such as the subject matter, preferred medium (ink, acrylic on canvas or paper, ceramic or perhaps tattoo design) , and any specific elements you'd like to be included.

  • Initial Discussion: I'll respond promptly to discuss your ideas further. This initial conversation allows me to better understand your vision, clarify any details, and ensure that the commission aligns with my artistic approach.

  •  Proposal and Pricing: Following our discussion, I will provide a personalized proposal in the form of a sketch,  estimated completion time, and pricing. Please note that prices may vary based on the complexity, medium and size of the artwork.

  • Agreement and Deposit: Once we've agreed on the terms, a deposit will be required to secure your spot in my commission queue. This deposit is a commitment fee and will be deducted from the total cost.

  • Work in Progress: Throughout the creation process, I will keep you updated with a couple of work-in-progress images, ensuring that the artwork is evolving according to your expectations. Your feedback is always welcome at this stage.

  • Final Approval and Payment: Upon completion of the artwork, I will share a final preview for your approval. Once you are satisfied, the remaining balance is due before I proceed with emailing or shipping the artwork. Shipping costs are added on the price, but I will provide the shipping price well in advance. If you live in Copenhagen, Denmark and want to pick up the artwork yourself - that can surely be arranged.

I look forward to the opportunity to bring your ideas to life through my artistic lens 🖤

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